Ask Tony: Is My Dog Going To Make It Hard To Sell My Home?


I love pets – dogs, cats, rabbits – they’re all so adorable, and not only are they our best friends, but they become part of our families. Unfortunately, this family member can make it a bit difficult to sell your home.


Most pets can be messy, but dogs seem to be the biggest concern when it comes to selling your home. The fur and shedding, the toys all over the floor, the occasional “accident”, and, of course, the odor that often fills your home can be a real deal breaker for potential home buyers. You may be lucky and find a buyer who loves dogs and doesn’t mind it, or even better, a buyer who has a dog, but you could also have a buyer who is not fond of pets, or allergic or scared of dogs.


Removing all pet related things and giving your home a deep cleaning before a showing not only gets rid of any trace of pup, but also any unwanted smells. Taking your dog out for a walk or better yet, having a sitter watch your dog will help your visitor feel more comfortable in your home, especially if your dog is of a larger breed.


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4 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A House


Buying a new home in an exciting time! But sometimes, we get too caught up in the excitement and forget about certain things we shouldn’t do – certain things than may jeopardize getting our new dream homes. Here are some mistakes you should avoid if you’re buying a new house.


Don’t Quit Or Change Jobs


When applying for a mortgage, you’ll most likely get a larger one if you have a stable job. If you very recently got a new job, or are in the process of switching jobs, you’ll probably have a three month probation period, which means your job is potentially at risk. Banks don’t like giving mortgages to people who may not be able to pay them, so it’s best to wait until your career stabilizes to buy a new home.


Don’t Apply For A New Credit Card


Applying for a new credit card can negatively affect your credit score, and banks are typically and understandingly not in favour or giving a large mortgage to someone with bad credit. There’s no guarantee that applying for credit card will lower your credit score, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, so hold off that credit card for a little while longer, if you can.


Don’t Buy A New Car


A new car is a fairly big investment, and like a house, a lot of your income will go towards that car. For most people, buying both a new car and a new home around the same time is near impossible. Purchasing a new car can also take a negative toll on your credit score. Ultimately, whether it’s new house or a new car, the choice is yours, but consider how one will affect the other.


Don’t Spend All Your Money


As I mentioned before, it’s very easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying a new house and all the upgrades and other fun things that come with buying a new house. That being said, remember not to spend all your money on a house. You’ll want to save some of your cash to live comfortably. After all, what good is living in an unfurnished house?


Do you live in Brampton and are thinking of selling your home? Are you considering buying a house in Brampton? If so, call Brampton real estate agent Tony Francis today, because Tony Knows Brampton!


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Why You Should Buy A Home In 2017


If you’re a first-time home buyer, 2017 is the year to finally take the plunge and invest in a home – your home. Property is always an investment and one of the best ways to build equity and wealth. Renting is quick and easy, but at the end of the day, you’re helping someone else get rich instead of yourself. Below I’ve shared four reasons why this is the year you should buy a home!


#1: Build Equity


Renting a house or an apartment is a good option if you haven’t found the home you love yet or if you can’t afford to own a home right now. That being said, the sooner you buy a home, the sooner you can start building equity, which is one of the main benefits of home ownership, and with the rising prices in the real estate market, property values are only increasing.


#2: Rent Is Expensive


Long gone are the days where renting was a less expensive alternative to buying a home. Nowadays, renting a house or a condo isn’t that much cheaper than a mortgage payment, so why not put your hard earned money towards something you can own?


#3: Interest Rates Are Low


Interest rates have been fairly low the last few years, so if you’re in the market for a mortgage, now is the time to apply!


#4: Home Prices Are Only Going Up


As I mentioned earlier, the real estate market is soaring, and so are the prices of homes. If you wait too long to buy, you may end up having to pay more, so if you know you want a home now, don’t hesitate.


If you’re a first-time home buyer, this is the year you should buy a home. Contact Brampton real estate agent Tony Francis to begin the journey to your dream home today, because Tony Knows Brampton!


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Get Your Home Ready To Sell This Spring


Spring is the best season to sell your home! The weather is starting to warm up, the kids are still in school, and unlike the busyness that comes with school in the fall, the holidays during winter, and the lazy yet still somehow extremely eventful summer, spring is typically more calm and thus the perfect season for house hunting.


Unfortunately, with spring come the after effects of our harsh Canadian winters – dirty windows from ice and snow, chipped paint from the rough outdoors, and of course, the inevitable yet necessary spring cleaning. If you’re ready to sell your house this spring, here are some things you should do to get your home ready to sell.


Organize And Declutter, A.K.A. Spring Cleaning

When a potential buyer visits your home, they want to see it looking its best. The easiest, not to mention cheapest, way to get your home spring ready is to organize and declutter your entire home, also known as spring cleaning. Donate or get rid of things you don’t need anymore, clean every nook and cranny, and make sure your home sparkles and shines to attract the most buyers.


Paint The Interior

Just like a fresh haircut can transform a person, a fresh coat of paint can transform a house. Something as simple as updating the colours on your walls can truly set your house apart from the others.

Clean Your Windows

Getting your windows professionally cleaned helps your house to look its best. Buyers pay attention to the small details, and its just one less thing they’ll have to do once they move in (and one more reason they’ll want to).


Change Your Curtains And Light Fixtures


Changing your curtains and light fixtures isn’t necessary, but it doesn’t hurt, especially if they haven’t been updated in the last few years. Changing just your curtains or light fixtures (or both) can make your home look updated.


Landscape Your Lawn


April showers bring May flowers, and people love flowers, especially when they’re surrounding the house they’re interested in living in. Flowers and trees brighten up a home, and a manicured lawn makes the whole property look picture perfect.


Repair And Stain Your Deck


If you have a deck or any patio furniture that you don’t plan on taking with you to your new home, ensure it’s in tip-top shape. Make any repairs you need to, and a fresh stain will make your deck look glossy and gorgeous.


Spring is the best time to sell your home. If you plan on selling your home this season, contact Brampton real estate agent Tony Francis today, because Tony Knows Brampton!

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