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Ask Tony: Is My Dog Going To Make It Hard To Sell My Home?


I love pets – dogs, cats, rabbits – they’re all so adorable, and not only are they our best friends, but they become part of our families. Unfortunately, this family member can make it a bit difficult to sell your home.


Most pets can be messy, but dogs seem to be the biggest concern when it comes to selling your home. The fur and shedding, the toys all over the floor, the occasional “accident”, and, of course, the odor that often fills your home can be a real deal breaker for potential home buyers. You may be lucky and find a buyer who loves dogs and doesn’t mind it, or even better, a buyer who has a dog, but you could also have a buyer who is not fond of pets, or allergic or scared of dogs.


Removing all pet related things and giving your home a deep cleaning before a showing not only gets rid of any trace of pup, but also any unwanted smells. Taking your dog out for a walk or better yet, having a sitter watch your dog will help your visitor feel more comfortable in your home, especially if your dog is of a larger breed.


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